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118th Congress

Speaker: Kevin McCarthy (R)

Minority Leader: Hakeem Jeffries (D)

Years: 2023-2025

Democratic Seats: 216

Republican Seats: 222

Seats reflect the start of the Congress.

117th Congress

Speaker: Nancy Pelosi (D)

House Majority: Democratic

Minority Leader: Kevin McCarthy (R)

Years: 2021-2023

Democratic Seats: 222

Republican Seats: 211

Seats reflect the start of the Congress.

RulesCompare allows you to cross-compare the text of specific rules across House rules packages. To use the tool, select the Congresses you’d like to compare. Then, in the drop-down menu, select the specific rule you’d like to study. Click “Compare,” and the comparison will appear below.

Additional features let you disable the comparison, enable a GPT-generated explanation of rules changes, and select between comparing full rules and subsections of the rules.


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